vrijdag 30 augustus 2019


Registration for the 2020 Strada Campina can be done through the link below. We are offering 3 packages, see details below. The first 200 entrants will receive an extra goodie and a chance to win a Kona frameset!
Inschrijven voor de Strada Campina 2020 kan via de link hieronder. We bieden 3 opties aan (standaard en met 1 of 2 custom bidons), zie verder hieronder. De eerste 200 inschrijvingen krijgen een extra goodie en maken kans op een Kona frameset!


Payment details (always complete form in the link above and mention your strada + your name with your payment):
Overschrijving - Bank transfer on BE78 0355 8825 1386
Paypal on https://www.paypal.me/stradacampina

We are offering 3 packages :
€ 30 premium =  basic + 2 custom 'Graveltist' 770mL big Purist water bottles
[close date 14/02/2020]

€ 25 basic plus =  basic +1 custom 'Graveltist' 770mL big Purist water bottles
[close date 14/02/2020]

Basic € 10 = free coffee at Barzoen, feed stations, GPS tracks [close date 02/05/2020]

For those big rides we are offering a big bottle (770mL/26oz.) to carry your vital fluids. These bottles are the best you can find, the Purist technology shields the inside of the bottle for a clean and pure taste.

We are offering these in an exclusive GRAVELTIST design (design may be subject to change):

vrijdag 5 januari 2018

2020 Event Details (preliminary)

Date: Saturday 9/5/2020

Start/Finish: Cafe Barzoen, Warandestraat 42 , B2300 Turnhout
They always have a nice selection of food on the menu, serve a very good cup of fairtrade coffee and have cold beers on tap. Everything you need to fuel up before, and refuel after the ride.

All our routes are very dirt road heavy, showing you the fens, forests, fields and heather plains of De Kempen. All routes will be made available as a GPS track (they will not be marked). Our routes are subject to continuous optimisation for more gnar and awesomeness.
200km: This will show you De Kempen from north to east to south (3 feed stops)
180km:  -NEW for 2020- (3 feed stops)
160km: Our classic. (3 feed stops)
135km: -NEW for 2020- Include (2 feed stops)
110km: Similar to the 2019 track (2 feed stops)
80km: A shorter loop still showing the regions glory. The perfect gravel taster. (2 feed stops)

Start times:
200km-180km: 7h00 to 8h00
160km: 7h00 to 9h00
135km, 110km and 80km: 7h00 to 10h00

Registration and costs:
The GPS tracks will be emailed to the registered riders in the weeks prior to the event,
We ask for a small fee (€10 for the basic package) to cover our costs. This it to be paid in advance. There will be no refunds.
Included in the fee is a free coffee at the start, GPS tracks for all courses and feed zones along the courses. The final feed zone with technical support will be hosted by @monsieur_velo_lichtaart
We have chosen to keep things simple. This is an event hosted by riders for riders.

The routes will be GPS-based only, it will not be marked, you will need a GPS device or ride with someone who has one.
There are no showers at the start/finish location.
This is not a race, the course is on public roads, crossroads and intersections will not be secured. You need to follow the traffic code. Keep it safe. Be nice, say hi. Don't litter.
Participation is at your own risk.
Come prepared! Make sure your bike is in good order and that you carry essential spares and tools.
Don't underestimate the Kempen. The area may be flat but it 'packs a punch'.

Free Parking: Turnhout has 3 free parkings which are all within 1km of the start location:
Boomgaardstraat (near Talentenschool)
Papenbruggestraat (near Stadspark)
Nieuwe Kaai (near Dreamland)
See also: https://www.turnhout.be/parkeren-plan

Paid Parking: De Warande has an underground parking 100m from the start. Address: Wezenstraat 10
Turnova also has and underground parking 500m from the start.Address: PJ Brepolsplein 20
See also: https://be.parkindigo.com/nl/parkereninturnhout

Train: Turnhout can be reached by train, the start location is 500m from the train station.

What is the Strada Campina gravel ride?

The Strada Campina is a mixed surface (gravel) ride through the Noorderkempen (Turnhout) and Zuiderkempen (Averbode-Westerlo) regions in the north of Belgium.

The routes will take you over the quiet backroads, the lonely sandroads and some nice singletracks of the area. Some asphalt roads will link the good stuff together.

The main waypoints along the routes are some of the many abbeys (each with their own special beer) of the region.

The Strada Campina is a GPS based social ride and will be held on Saturday May 4th, 2019.
The start and finish will be at cafe Barzoen in Turnhout. Before the ride you can enjoy a pre-ride coffee, after the ride you can hang at cafe Barzoen for a drink and something to eat while you catch up with the other riders.

What bike to bring? Anything with a 30-32mm or wider tire will work. How many knobs you want on those tires will depend on the weather and your riding style. Gears or singlespeed, drop bar or flat bar, MTB or cross bike, gravel bike or road bike? It doesn't really matter, you can run what you brung and feel most comfortable with.

What terrain will we be riding? The Kempen is known for its sandy soil, fens and woodland. The region is mostly flat with some very short but punchy up and downs. The singletracks we will be riding can be done on typical cross tires. Check out our Instagram-page to get an idea of what's coming -click link-

What more do I need? You will need to have a GPS-device so that you can follow the route. The course will not be marked.